Cool Things you Can Do with Concrete

Concrete is fast becoming a material that many DIYs are made of. This is because concrete offers the versatility, ease of use, and affordability most DIY aficionados are made of. If you are looking for other uses of concrete, then this article is for you. Read on for ideas on what cool things you can do with concrete.

With Concrete

1. Garden Balls

Instead of buying these, just make them yourself. You will need a round glass light cover though. But considering the price of concrete, this project won’t cost you a lot. You can find light covers in thrift shops as well. Your garden will look absolutely amazing with the addition of these garden balls.

2. Easter Eggs

Easter eggs made of concrete will look in your garden and anywhere in the house really. They’re incredibly easy to make as well. You can mold them in plastic or rubber eggs. Paint them when they’re dry or adorn them with decorative ropes or ribbons.

3. Desktop

A concrete desktop will look great on an industrial style desk. The desk is easy to make as well as its desktop. You will need to mold it first though. Exact measurements, therefore, is crucial. But once you’re done, your office space will look unique and special because you made it yourself.

4. Tealight Holders

This project looks good just about everywhere – living room, table tops, nightstands, and more. You don’t have to worry about fire because while concrete is fire-resistant, the candle holders are also heavy. They won’t fall over that easily.

5. Hand Planters

Concrete hand planters can be pricey in the stores. This is probably one of the easiest projects you can do with concrete. All you need are rubber gloves and concrete. Pour the concrete mix into the gloves. When they’re dry, just tear the gloves away. Now you can put your succulents or small plants in them. They look absolutely gorgeous.

6. Bookends

If you are a book worm or a student, your shelves will need a good bookend. And what better way to have one than to make one with concrete? Like hand planters, they’re extremely easy to make. You can mold them into whatever shape you like. But milk and juice cartons will work great because of their height. You can make a space at the top portion for succulents too. You can attach lace to make them even prettier. Once they’re dried, you can paint them or add more designs. They will work great as a bookend and look more than the part as well.

7. Paperweight

Make any shape that you like for your paperweight. You can be creative and use a geometric mold. Paint them with metallic paint or just about any finish you want.

These projects are DIYs you can do and won’t need help from. If your projects far exceed your skills like concrete stamping, you will need the help of experts. Concrete services Austin has several concrete services you can avail for your home.

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