Fun Activities for Rainy Season

When all you want to do is have fun and enjoy your day outside but the weather is not agreeing to you plan. Most of you doesn’t like rain because it can cancel’s your shopping time and even ruin your outfit when you go outside. I tell you it is much fun doing something inside your house when it is raining. This list of activities will not only gives you fun but also makes you feel comfy and you forget that it is raining. 

We don’t want something to ruin our indoor activities, a leaky ceiling and cracked roof is not helping it. You don’t need a bucket or a pail to catch every drop from that leaky ceiling. Just do a research of different Denver roofing service company that can help you with that problem. We want a peace of mind while enjoying the ambiance and atmosphere inside our home and not thinking about leaking roof. 

These are some of the indoor activities you can play and enjoy when it is the rainy season: 

  1. Scavenger Hunt 

This will make your play time exciting and fun both adults and the kids will enjoy this indoor scavenger hunt. You cannot just do this outside but you can also do this inside your home. As an adult you are going to prepare anything or you help let the kids help setup some rules and direction for you scavenger hunting. More laugh and healthy competition are one of the best things to start off an indoor activity. 

  1. Camping 

This will make the indoor activity more creative and making your bond tight closer. Camping in a camp place or in the mountains are the only way of doing it. Try to setup your portable tent and light the fireplace in this way you can do you smores. Who doesn’t want to go into a camping where you feeling like you’re in the nature? 

  1. Book Reading 

If your family is bookish and loves reading, this is the best thing to do as an activity. You can have hot chocolate while reading your book. This will make the atmosphere more comfortable and cozier for everyone as you set the perfect things for the perfect weather to zone in to you book. Let the weather itself be the set of mood for everybody, weather you are reading for leisure or studying your lessons. 

  1. Cooking/Baking 

Let everyone participate the cooking and baking, as much as the adult enjoys it that kids are more ecstatic knowing you are letting them help you do it. You let the kips cut the cooking dough into different shapes they like. You can enjoy preparing some soup for everyone to dip that freshly baked cookie. Food tastes much better when it is made from love, bond and care. 

  1. Giants 

Use giant things, like a giant bowling setup or a Jenga. A human size playing game are fun and more challenging. With the human size everything the move of every player will be more cautious than it is in the normal size. Who doesn’t want to laugh as one of the players is being knock down by a giant Jenga? 

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