Reasons Why Drone Aerial Photography Should Be Used in Real Estate

Drone aerial photography can allow you in capturing that same kind of footage of landmark, without any Hollywood effects. Aside from that, you do not even need a film crew since all you just need a UAV or the unmanned aerial vehicle which is commonly known as the remote-controlled drone, as well as some affordable camera equipment. Not to mention time, patience and a lot of time for your practice. On the other hand, the good news is that you can also hire a professional photographer who can do all these work for you. In the end, when you hire a professional real estate photographer, you will be able to get a jaw-dropping landmark footage as well as show off your residential property in the best light.

Used in Real Estate

Below are the major benefits of having to hire professional photographer for capturing real estate drone aerial photos and videos. This way, you will realize that even some eye-catching photos can drastically be advantageous to your real estate business. After reading this post, you may want to contact a professional aerial drone photographer to make sure that drone services London will be done right the first time around.

Major Benefits of Real Estate Drone Aerial Photography and Videography

1. It allows you to show off real estate properties that offer much higher scenic value.

2. It meets latest trends in the real estate industry.

3. The most ideal method to show surrounding areas as well as proximity to land, amenities and the entire neighborhood.

4. It adds another level of potential in terms of marketing that still real estate pictures – even the professional and higher quality ones – cannot be able to provide.

5. It allows you to market and show the house from a more unique perspective.

6. This method is more affordable and budget-friendly compared to old school aerial photography. It’s definitely perfect for any residential or commercial property, even if you’re on a budget.

7. It allows you to sell your house or commercial property for a better price and in a fast manner.

8. It can give you better views of big backyards and homes, which is an extremely unique angle of a house that can make your image social media – worth. In the end, real estate drone aerial photos are the ones that are pinned and shared the most.

9. It allows you to make a tour of the town that is a unique and desirable feature, which allows the potential home or commercial building buyers who do not totally know the area to freely explore a new town.

10. It can offer a more personal perspective of the property.

Nowadays, the majority of the buying public are tech savvy and they tend to respond best to marketing techniques which meet the latest trends, most especially in real estate. As a matter of fact, according to the consumer housing trends report in 2017, lots of millennials will actually be shopping for residential properties this year.

So, since they’re looking for an environment that is closer to urban centers as well as pay too much attention to amenities and neighborhood nearby, real estate drone aerial photography can be able to provide a bird’s eye vision of a potential house, at the same time showcasing unique home features including the surrounding area.


Cool Things you Can Do with Concrete

Concrete is fast becoming a material that many DIYs are made of. This is because concrete offers the versatility, ease of use, and affordability most DIY aficionados are made of. If you are looking for other uses of concrete, then this article is for you. Read on for ideas on what cool things you can do with concrete.

With Concrete

1. Garden Balls

Instead of buying these, just make them yourself. You will need a round glass light cover though. But considering the price of concrete, this project won’t cost you a lot. You can find light covers in thrift shops as well. Your garden will look absolutely amazing with the addition of these garden balls.

2. Easter Eggs

Easter eggs made of concrete will look in your garden and anywhere in the house really. They’re incredibly easy to make as well. You can mold them in plastic or rubber eggs. Paint them when they’re dry or adorn them with decorative ropes or ribbons.

3. Desktop

A concrete desktop will look great on an industrial style desk. The desk is easy to make as well as its desktop. You will need to mold it first though. Exact measurements, therefore, is crucial. But once you’re done, your office space will look unique and special because you made it yourself.

4. Tealight Holders

This project looks good just about everywhere – living room, table tops, nightstands, and more. You don’t have to worry about fire because while concrete is fire-resistant, the candle holders are also heavy. They won’t fall over that easily.

5. Hand Planters

Concrete hand planters can be pricey in the stores. This is probably one of the easiest projects you can do with concrete. All you need are rubber gloves and concrete. Pour the concrete mix into the gloves. When they’re dry, just tear the gloves away. Now you can put your succulents or small plants in them. They look absolutely gorgeous.

6. Bookends

If you are a book worm or a student, your shelves will need a good bookend. And what better way to have one than to make one with concrete? Like hand planters, they’re extremely easy to make. You can mold them into whatever shape you like. But milk and juice cartons will work great because of their height. You can make a space at the top portion for succulents too. You can attach lace to make them even prettier. Once they’re dried, you can paint them or add more designs. They will work great as a bookend and look more than the part as well.

7. Paperweight

Make any shape that you like for your paperweight. You can be creative and use a geometric mold. Paint them with metallic paint or just about any finish you want.

These projects are DIYs you can do and won’t need help from. If your projects far exceed your skills like concrete stamping, you will need the help of experts. Concrete services Austin has several concrete services you can avail for your home.


Fun Activities for Rainy Season

When all you want to do is have fun and enjoy your day outside but the weather is not agreeing to you plan. Most of you doesn’t like rain because it can cancel’s your shopping time and even ruin your outfit when you go outside. I tell you it is much fun doing something inside your house when it is raining. This list of activities will not only gives you fun but also makes you feel comfy and you forget that it is raining. 

We don’t want something to ruin our indoor activities, a leaky ceiling and cracked roof is not helping it. You don’t need a bucket or a pail to catch every drop from that leaky ceiling. Just do a research of different Denver roofing service company that can help you with that problem. We want a peace of mind while enjoying the ambiance and atmosphere inside our home and not thinking about leaking roof. 

These are some of the indoor activities you can play and enjoy when it is the rainy season: 

  1. Scavenger Hunt 

This will make your play time exciting and fun both adults and the kids will enjoy this indoor scavenger hunt. You cannot just do this outside but you can also do this inside your home. As an adult you are going to prepare anything or you help let the kids help setup some rules and direction for you scavenger hunting. More laugh and healthy competition are one of the best things to start off an indoor activity. 

  1. Camping 

This will make the indoor activity more creative and making your bond tight closer. Camping in a camp place or in the mountains are the only way of doing it. Try to setup your portable tent and light the fireplace in this way you can do you smores. Who doesn’t want to go into a camping where you feeling like you’re in the nature? 

  1. Book Reading 

If your family is bookish and loves reading, this is the best thing to do as an activity. You can have hot chocolate while reading your book. This will make the atmosphere more comfortable and cozier for everyone as you set the perfect things for the perfect weather to zone in to you book. Let the weather itself be the set of mood for everybody, weather you are reading for leisure or studying your lessons. 

  1. Cooking/Baking 

Let everyone participate the cooking and baking, as much as the adult enjoys it that kids are more ecstatic knowing you are letting them help you do it. You let the kips cut the cooking dough into different shapes they like. You can enjoy preparing some soup for everyone to dip that freshly baked cookie. Food tastes much better when it is made from love, bond and care. 

  1. Giants 

Use giant things, like a giant bowling setup or a Jenga. A human size playing game are fun and more challenging. With the human size everything the move of every player will be more cautious than it is in the normal size. Who doesn’t want to laugh as one of the players is being knock down by a giant Jenga?